Easily produce your
own energy

A system that really pays off:

Produce and use your own affordable solar power with the Basic System. You save when compared to using expensive electricity from the grid.


With our inverters, communication solutions and our
comprehensive range of services, you can be sure that
your PV system is working as ecologically and economically as possible. In principle, the size of the PV system doesn't play a role. However, it can be said that the smaller the scale of a PV system, the more cost-effective it will be.

To that end, you can compare the investment costs for the
system with the returns. This has two advantages:


The electricity you produce costs a lot less than that from the electric utility company. Plus, excess electricity is fed
into the utility grid, and you receive a feed-in tariff that is guaranteed for over 20 years.


You save electricity costs.
You make yourself more independent from
rising electricity prices.
You can increase the value of your property
and protect the environment.
You can keep track of your electricity
consumption, which gives you an overview
and helps you save energy and money.
You can upgrade your PV system at any time
by adding storage or integrating additional
targeted loads.

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